Factory Service

We also provide services such as factory overhauling, minor repairing, and major repairing for any type and make of Transformers up to and including 50MVA, 132KV Class. Specialized services such as refurbishment, conversion of voltage ratio, conversion or change of tap changers from off circuit to on load and certain times even tank mounted type to In-tank type. These services are also provided with turnkey job involving dismantling, shifting, transporting, erection, installation & commission activity. We process all the repair transformers with similar practices, quality plan, process & testing equipments as that used for a manufacturing transformer. We have indigenous facility for repairs & services with complete infrastructure, testing equipments with experienced engineers and workers to handle variety of work with desired priorities as per customer requirements.

  • Temperature Rise / Heat Run Test.
  • Tan Delta & capacitance Test.
  • Tan delta & capacitance Test for windings.
  • Degree of Polymerization Test for winding lead insulation.
  • Furan Series test or PIBP (Paper insulation breakdown products) test.


Ratings UPTO 50 MVA
Voltage Class UPTO 132 kV
No of Phases UPTO 3 Phase
Frequency; 50/60 Hz
Applicable Standards IS 2026, IEC 76, ANSI, IEEE
Tap Changer OCTC, OLTC, as per customer requirement