Dry Type (Crt)

At TELAWNE casting method of these transformers is obtained with the combined action of vacuum and temperature. The casting method makes it possible to assure void-free epoxy penetration of both the inner layer and between turn insulation.These Transformers are specifically needed in distribution network for feeding basements or stilts of high-rise buildings, hotels, Malls, stadium, air ports, chemical & refinery plants. Following are the dimensional, weight & quantity details along with standard losses for conventional 11KV, Dry Type (VPI) Transformer (off circuit Type).
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  • Windings are electrically balanced to minimize axial short circuit forces.
  • Coils are held rigidly in place between insulators clamped to the upper and lower core frames under high compression.
  • Precise casting under vacuum ensuring low partial discharge.
  • Smooth surface finish and robust construction of MV & LV cast Coils.
  • Adequate ducts between coils, discs for maximum air flow and reduced hot spot temperature.
  • Step-lap designed CRGO laminations for lower losses and excitation current.


Duty, Type Outdoor / Indoor Ground Mounted Type
Voltage Class UPTO 33 kV
No of Phases 3 Phase
Frequency; 50/60 Hz
Vector Group Dyn1 or Dyn5 or Dyn11 or any specific
Class of Insulation F or H with Temp Rise of 90 or 115 Deg C or as per customer requirement
Tap Changer Type Off Circuit Type or On Load Type
Tapping Range + 2.5% X 2 for OFF CIRCUIT TAP CHANGER or + 2.5% X 2 & - 2.5% X 6 for OFF LOAD TAP CHANGER or as per customer requirement
Winding Material Aluminium Or Copper with multi paper covering
Applicable Standards IS 11171, IEC 60726